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Video #2 ~ Dressing Up to Impress Google

Okay, Google is a big deal, right? You know you want to be important on Google. What is critical to know about Google and other search engines is that they rank you. (shrug shoulders…) Right? Yep, they apply a ranking to your website, and your placement on searches is based on that ranking. What do you know about keywords? Keywords are the words people use to search for things. There are keywords and phrases that people use more often when searching for things and Google keeps track of all of that. Paid ads are a way to build your ranking. When we do an ad campaign with Google we will be asked for the keywords we want to be associated with that ad. Search engine ads are based upon what people are searching for, whereas facebook ads are based upon demographic information. With facebook, your business or product is being shown to the consumer, but they are not necessarily “searching” for it at the moment. They are surfing facebook and not really shopping, per se. See the difference? We will get back to facebook in a minute, let’s finish with Google. So Google asks for the keywords when we do an ad, and because we have already done keyword research, we know what keywords people use to search for businesses or products like yours. We target those keywords. Let’s go a little further in depth on this but take a moment and let this sink in a bit. Meet me at the next video when you’re ready, and let’s keep going.