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Video #3 ~ The Key (words) to the Kingdom and Your Ranking

Wow, that was fast! You are really ready to absorb this information. Great! Okay, jumping right back in: SEO is ranking in a search engine. Your ranking is determined by a keyword value. If you search by a keyword, let’s say “Kansas City restaurants”, that has a value to Google, and if someone runs an ad on that keyword set, then the click for that ad has a value — cost per click. So when you SEO for something, you are trying to get clicks off that keyword without paying for it — this is organic search, organic ranking. You might hear the term “paying for keywords” which means you are paying for advertising through Google or Bing or another search engine, and using your own list of keywords for those ads. Google is making money off of you for those keywords. Anytime one of your ads are clicked from that keyword, the search engine has made money off of you. You are willing to “pay” for the traffic from that keyword because it is proven to be a successful keyword. It’s a win-win for you and the search engine. If you are willing to pay for the traffic for that keyword, and you are also Search Engine Optimized for that keyword, you are on track to getting to a point where you get organic rankings and don’t have to pay for the click. What do I mean Search Engine Optimized for that keyword? Google checks to see that you are serious about the keywords you have chosen by having bots crawl your website and your related material such as your blog. They make sure that everything matches, that the keywords you chose are indeed what you are all about, and you didn’t just choose those keywords because you know they will bring people to your website. It matters to them because they want their searchers to find the best and most relevant results possible, so you must make sure those keywords correlate perfectly to all you have going on — your content. If you play the whole game, Google gives you a better rank. They not only check into your keywords and structure, they see you are paying for your ads. If you are paying for keywords [ads], and displaying ads on sites that are relevant to your website, then it gives you a better authority on your site. Whether it’s a facebook page or Yelp account, Yellow Pages, Google or Bing ads, or even writing a Groupon — anything that advertises your website is under the umbrella of Digital Marketing. Whew! That is a bunch to wrap your mind around, right? Yeah, but you’re doing it! You are learning. You do know that we are here to help you, right? You do not have to do it yourself if you don’t want to. Okay, just so you know that. We have more to cover, right? So let’s do this! Come on, follow me over to the next video.