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Video #4 ~ I am Relevant, Dang it!! Oh Yeah? Prove it!

Welcome back. You’re sticking with this, and I like that about you. The more we learn, the better off we are. Okay so, although SEO is a big deal, when The Whole Game Approach is used, you rank better in the search engines, and the result is more traffic to your website. More traffic means you get more authority. When you get more authority, your ads work better. This all goes hand-in-hand and has to be done at that same time. SEO needs to be accompanied by ads in order to make the SEO truly effective. If we are going to do a paid ad campaign, we have to do some sort of SEO just to make sure we’re not paying $7 a click because $2 a click is so much better! Your site has to have authority and relevance to what we are trying to do. No one wants to pay very much for advertising and the search engines know this. They want a user to click on your website and stay there. If the user keeps coming back and clicking the ad to get there, yes, the search engine makes money, but in the long run, they stand to make more money if you are making money. They do not want to drive up your cost because they know you will not want to continue to pay if the ads are not eventually leading to your financial gain. The search engine wants users to click and love what they see on your site. They want them to find exactly what they are looking for. So everything about your digital landscape needs to be beautiful and well planned out so the consumer is super comfortable and likes what they see. It ALL matters and it ALL works together. Marketing is a science, like chemistry, we have to mix it all together and keep mixing until we get the reaction we were looking for! You follow?

But wait!!! There’s more. Okay, you may need to grab a glass of wine or a festive margarita to help digest this next part — just sayin! Maybe you just want water, water is good too, but hang in there, you’re doing great! We need to dive a little deeper into SEO because it’s a huge concept! Meet me at the next video!