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Video #5 ~ Margaritas and Crawling Bots – What’s the Link?

After a much needed double espresso, I’m ready to go. You ready? Here we go. So, we’ve learned about the keywords, but it’s also about what you do on websites to provide all the proper information, so that info can be picked up in searches. Proper meta-tags, page structure, how the information looks on a page, header tags — the things that will let the crawlers/bots, and search engines know that you are providing good content that can easily be indexed and segmented, so people can be delivered to your page in a way that is beneficial to them. Whew! That was a mouthful! — All the search engine cares about is the search and making sure people are happy with the results they receive. Google, Bing, and Yahoo send automated bots across the internet to follow links. That is their whole purpose in life, and this is where backlinks come in handy. The more times these bots can get to your website from an external source, the more authority you gain. That is why we put out backlinks, which are links in other places that lead to you. The bots crawl these backlinks which lead them to your website, and they count them. The more you have, the more ways they find to get to your website, the better off you are. Then the bots crawl through your website where they find and follow menu links and other links in your content. The more link structure you have on your site to make it easier for people navigate easily, the better off you are. The less of a dead end your website is, the better off you are. This is why you want to have outbound links on your pages, but not to your competitors. You want to link to things that are beneficial to your customer without taking them away from you — informational articles, how-tos, social media components, definitions from wikipedia, things like that — a good outbound link structure. An example would be me including a link right here that would lead you to a free tutorial about SEO from Google. I would choose Google because it’s an authoritative site. I’m linking to something that is actually higher ranked than I am. By doing this, I elevate my site by mere association. You optimize onsite and offsite by good backlink structure, good outbound links, and by making sure your website is properly listed. This helps you appear in search engines without having to pay for the click. So if someone searches a keyword that is associated to you, they will find your placement right below the ad section on the search engine. Cool, right? Let’s stop here and move to the next video!