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Video #7 ~ You Have 4 Seconds to Catch My Attention. Do I Have Yours?

Let’s look at your virtual space… Websites and Graphic Design are an extremely important element in your digital landscape. I’m sure you probably know this, right? Yeah, but a website needs to be constantly updated and polished, and needs to include freshly designed banner ads, among other things. This is where some people get stuck. A website and graphics are not something you do just once and then forget about it. No, no, no. Big mistake. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Everything is fluid and constantly changing. You must stay on top of what is fresh, hot, and trending. You cannot fall behind because you are fighting for people’s attention every single day. You must always evolve and create to keep their attention and stay fresh in their minds. Good social graphics must be created too, and is part of the graphic design we are referring to. Those will come in handy for the social aspects of our marketing plan. Your digital landscape needs to be littered with amazing graphics and the entirety of it all needs to be well maintained by someone other than your brother John who knows a little something and has an hour or two every year or so. You know who I’m talking about here… The website and images need to be renewed over and over. Content needs to be put out, infographics need to be made, custom animation can come into play, and so much more. Your information, graphics, content, and marketing need to be sharp, interesting, relevant, professional, and ever-changing. It matters — Big Time. We are not talking about your branding. Your branding stays the same.

You MUST think of your marketing as a monthly bill that keeps the business running and the lights on. You need to think of it as your first step in excellent customer service. You are making sure the path to your business is well lit and easy to find. Once they arrive, they need to be visually stimulated, engaged, and able to navigate easily in your beautiful space.

How are we doing? Is this making sense? Any questions? Let us know. Now, let’s move on to PPC (Pay Per Click) and Remarketing and how it ties in.