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Video #8 ~ Rule Number 273 in Farmer Joe’s Book: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

See, you’re a trooper! Look at you all ready to keep learning! Okay, so, Pay Per Click is foundational, but often misunderstood. It is not as effective as Facebook and Instagram ads are today, but that is not to say you shouldn’t do it because it’s also about relevancy – the whole game. If you do everything, you get a better result than if you were to put all of your advertising money into one or two things. Covering all of your bases has always proven to be the best method. Follow this: if I have $1000 and I put $250 into each concept, I would get a better over all result then if I dropped $1000 into facebook ads alone. Why? Because my relevance score would be too low if I only focused on one thing. My graphic design wouldn’t be on point. My website wouldn’t be fresh. When people go to look me up on Google, they will not find me. You need to understand the entire spectrum, view the entire landscape, and play the entire game. Using keywords on Google and using A-B testing, we can get an understanding of who is clicking. Google keeps exceptional records — what websites people are coming from, what topics they were looking at before they clicked the ad, and more. By knowing these things, we can better focus on our more targeted demographic on facebook and Instagram because we know what is driving our traffic.

Now if you are not familiar with Remarketing, I bet you will be when I tell you what it is. Remarketing is an excellent tool because once people come to your website, wherever they go from that point forward, they will see your ads. Your ads will follow them to other sites they visit. Being seen in ads on other high-end websites adds a sense of professionalism. So say someone is looking at the finest dining in Kansas City, and on one of the restaurant pages, they see your ad for your organic chocolates… Oh, now the wheels are spinning. “Not only can I take her to this amazing restaurant, but come to think of it, she would really love those chocolates… I can give them to her at dinner!!!” Perfect, right??? The point of this is to stay fresh in people’s minds so they don’t forget about you and what they liked or were considering on your website. It’s about building your brand and credibility. See how this works and ties it all together so flawlessly? It’s smart!

Now for the Social Media aspect. Come on, we’re on a roll now!