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Video #9 ~ Ad This! Facebook + Instagram = Brand Recognition & Impulse Clicks

Welcome back! Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is based on interest. It is based on their activity — high demographic, their interests, their occupation, their age and gender, other ads they have clicked on, groups they join, behavior traits, income traits, and so on. Your ad is being shown to someone who may not be looking for you or your product or service specifically at this very moment, but you match their interests, and now they have seen you. You are in their mind. They may like your facebook page and remember you when the time comes to purchase. Because this is not a direct target, the ad is shown more often, which is why it’s cheaper to advertise here, as opposed to Google. The consumer may have a trait or interest that relates to your business, but again, they may not be looking for what you are offering at this time. That’s okay because putting you in front of them, keeping you fresh in their mind, does help. We still gain information, and that information, coupled with things like the content you provide on your website, blog, and videos, all work together to create the total package. Being seen again and again by people gives you more authority. It makes you familiar and comfortable. It makes you seem more credible. People tend to lean toward buying from places they are familiar with. We are building your company’s brand recognition. One single component alone does not give us anything close to that. It is all related, all intertwined, all relevant. Do you see how we are putting together a masterpiece one puzzle piece at a time? If we don’t use all the pieces, it’s incomplete, and seemingly wastes your time and effort.

The concept of The Whole Game, the entire Digital Landscape, may have been confusing at first, but hopefully it’s all coming together for you. We are dissecting this piece by piece to really help you understand all that is involved before you spend your money. We want you to know where your money is going, what we are doing, and why it takes time and most importantly consistency. Feel free to call us, visit our contact page, or shoot us an email. We would love to answer any questions, and maybe talk about your goals.