Online Business Profile Management

Your business needs to be able to be found online. There are a lot of websites that your business could have profiles on listing your information, like social media links, business phone number, address, website, and even pictures. On some, you can even feature a youtube video. To track down and either list your business, or correct the listing if it’s already there but outdated can take up a lot of time. I recommend using a service like Synup. I am an agency partner with them. They provide a scanning tool to help you find out if your listed, where, and what information they have. Here is a link to my Agency Branded version of the scanning tool:

Working directly with them ( your cost is $30 per business location per month. I only charge $20 a month to use it through me. With the dashboard, you also get the ability to monitor reviews of your business across many websites and track how you rank for keywords in search. It’s a powerful tool and can help you keep informed and responsive to your customers.

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